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2020 Waterfowl Ammo "Situation"

2020 Waterfowl Ammo "Situation"

No doubt about it, 2020 has been a doozy... And the supply of waterfowl and duck hunting ammo here in California is just one of the latest casualties. 

Suppliers everywhere are seeing two major things hurting our supply. Prices of raw materials going up, and the run on handgun ammo in the early stages of the 'Rona virus response sucking up valuable space on factory lines that normally would have gone to shotgun shells go instead to pumping out 9mm and 45 rounds. 

What's this mean for duck hunters here in the Central and Sacramento valleys?

For starters, expect to pay more for your shells this year. Every supplier I have has told me to expect no less than 10% price increases. 

But perhaps the more concerning aspect? That you should 100% buy your season's stock of ammo as soon as you can. I've been told by one manufacturer already that they will be shipping NO steel waterfowl loads to me before March of 2021. 

Luckily, I've scrambled and gotten some from other suppliers, but only a fraction of last years needs (so far).

And I'm going to hold these prices at there lowest as long as I can, but be ready for them to go up by 25% or more. 

My recommendation? Stock up now while you can, and get on our SMS update list so you are the first to find out about new shipments arriving. 

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Good luck to everyone and have a great 2020 season!

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  • Tim Anderson