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How Pacific Flyway Supplies is Adapting To Help With Corona Virus


I’ve tried to avoid talking about this too much and add to the fear, panic, and everything else going on, but I do feel I need to say something to keep everyone in the amazing PFS family in the loop and updated. Perhaps even offer some calm in these crazy times. 

First off, wash your dang hands. 

Second, this virus may not be a life threatening case for the vast majority of us, but it IS for a huge number of our seniors, so anything we can do to help keep the infection rate down is going to literally save lives, so let’s just do that. 

As for the details about the store, and how we are adapting to these ever changing situations, I’ll try to keep this short and succinct. 

We are cleaning more often than ever in all of my years working in retail, and have drastically increased our online ordering/shipping capacity. 

If you are a local customer worried about being out and about, we have set our online store to have free shipping on any orders over $25 for CA residents. 

If you feel compelled to find ways to support small, local businesses during this time when they are feeling the biggest effect from people staying home, I have even discounted all gift cards by 10% (before you even ask, no gift cards are not good for ammunition purchases)

Always remember, we are strong, we will get through this, life will return to normal, this is just a new season in our lives. 

Thank you all and God Bless.

Tim Anderson

Owner and Founder

Pacific Flyway Supplies

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