About Pacific Flyway Supplies


Avid Waterfowler, Upland Game Bird Hunters.

Pacific Flyway Supplies is all for you.

Just like yourself, we are avid waterfowlers and upland bird hunters.

We seem to find the same problem when shopping for gear: poor quality, limited supply, store employees lack product knowledge and most of all limited brands.

We are focused on supplying QUALITY products to our customers and fellow waterfowl hunters.

Let's talk about quality from a waterfowl hunters standpoint:

Quality to a waterfowler is products such as decoys, clothes, calls, and accessories.

With these product groups, we have had to become more reliable on our gear to last in the tough economy.

Within the last few years, many manufacturers have made some poor choice in producing quality gear.

So you might ask then:  "What does quality gear mean to Pacific Flyway Supplies?"

Great question, quality gear to Pacific Flyway Supplies means products that last 2-5 years for the waterfowl hunter in his blind every day to the hunter that hunts weekends with his kids.

Tim Anderson
Owner Founder CEO
(707) 474-8448